Andrew Winton, Director & Service Manager

Andrew Winton

Director & Service Manager

Andrew's passion for motorcycles as both a leisure pursuit and desired line of work can be traced back to his 17th birthday upon buying his first bike. Andrew describes the moment as a life-changing decision – the beginning of his love for motorcycles and the catalyst for co-founding Two Wheels, only a few years later in 1977.

Originally a motorcycle repair and spares shop located on Dalkeith Road, Two Wheels entered into motorcycle retail sales following its appointment as an MZ Motorcycle franchise in 1979. A rising number of customers placed increasing capacity requirements on sales, service and parts departments. Coupled with a local market demand for a wider range of motorcycles, Andrew and the management team acquired a larger neighbouring site, before migrating to the current dealer location in 1991 following the acquisition of the Honda franchise in 1986, and later acquisition of the Triumph franchise in 1991.

Almost 40 years on from his first bike purchase, Andrew maintains an unwavering passion for motorcycling. He remains involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring that Two Wheels customers continue to receive the highest standards of care and service.

As you'd expect, Andrew has owned a number of motorcycles over the years. His most recent purchase has been a Honda CBR650 which he uses for leisure and commuting to and from Two Wheels.

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