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Mon, 26 Mar 2018

All-new Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200 range

Choose epic.

The new Tiger 800 and 1200 range has evolved from what we used to know of the chart-topping adventure range from Triumph. Behind their usual style, we've been treated to a massive range of improvements across the form of the body and engine, pushing the Tiger ranges further into the lead with new class-leading technology.

The Tiger 800 range sees over 200 upgrades per model, pushing their technological control of the road and the rubble to new heights. With enhanced ergonomics and capabilities, you'll feel even more confident to tackle the adventure without restrictions. A lower ratio first gear sees riders more in control of their torque, combined with the more responsive power delivery - you're in for a treat.

The flagship Tiger 1200 range progresses further in the lead with overhauls including a major engine update that gives more immediate power, enhanced technology including: adaptive cornering lighting within a full LED set-up, full colour TFT display, 6 riding modes, Triumph Shift Assist and keyless ignition. The styling also received a huge update, setting itself apart with a signature and distinct look that's just built for epic adventures.

See their full range here on our website or visit us in-store to adore them up close and personal, we're sure you won't be disappointed.