Leave the Main Road

POSTED: 22/04/2021

Out in the wide-open spaces of the Mojave Desert, a motorcycle playground of dreams exists. The impressive rock formations challenge your technical abilities and the Bonneville-esque flats are perfect for cracking open the throttle. The deeper into the desert you go, the more spectacular the riding becomes.

Two brothers packed up their Tigers and headed out for a trip of isolation and bonding. No schedules, no limitations, just four days of endless possibilities for adventure.

There’s no better feeling than waking up in the wilderness, in complete seclusion. No traffic. No noise, just the sounds of the desert and complete motorcycle freedom. 

Heading North West out of the deep valleys and saline lakes, they ventured towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains, rising by 3,500 feet to the hostile, desert climate of the Alabama Hills. A true bucket list riding location. The erosion of sediment around the rocks makes for a maze of weaving, interconnected trails that seem to go on forever. 

If the Tigers were a wild animal, the Alabama Hills would be their natural habitat.

TIGER 1200

The desert is perfect for exploring by motorcycle, and as its name alludes to, the Tiger 1200 Desert Edition is designed to take on the challenges of the most inhospitable and challenging deserts in the world…


Tiger 900 Rally is designed for maximum off-road adventure and all-day riding capability, offering even more riding freedom. An all-new adventure bike for today’s adventure attitude.

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